ACT Score 2016

The graduating 2016 Huntley High School class ACT scores marked District records within the specific subject areas of English, mathematics, and science.
Huntley High students also achieved an average composite score of 23.0 on the ACT exam in 2016, tying Huntley Community School District 158’s highest-ever score on the college readiness exam.
That score places Huntley 158 among the highest performing high schools in the state of Illinois.
“We look at ACT scores as an important piece of data in evaluating our performance as a school district, and we look at these scores through a District-level lens,” said Superintendent John Burkey. “We are extremely proud of our students, staff, and parents who all have a role in this achievement. While it’s high school students who take the exam, the preparation that goes into this type of testing starts in elementary school. Every Huntley 158 staff member plays an important role in a success like this.”
The composite score of 23.0 registers substantially above the state average of 20.8.