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It is with deep sadness that I report that we lost two students from our Huntley 158 family yesterday, January 10. The students, Ezequiel and Ariana Garcia, were siblings. Ezequiel, 11, was a sixth grade student at Marlowe Middle School, and Ariana, 8, was a third grade student at Martin Elementary School.
We offer our condolences to all who were connected to this family and to the entire school community. This terrible tragedy has affected all of us in the Huntley 158 family, and the grief that accompanies news such as this will take time to process as students, staff, and the community all attempt to come to terms with it. The District has brought together counseling and bereavement support services resources from all of our schools to be available for students and staff.
Students have been encouraged to come to any staff member to express their feelings and ask questions. Staff members may share known facts about the incident in response to student questions. However, for details about the incident, individuals should contact the Lake in the Hills Police Department for official information.
Students will respond to this tragedy in different ways, and it is important for both schools and families to support them. Any reaction is normal in the grieving process and can range from withdrawal to crying to anger. It’s important for us as adults to listen carefully to our children and help them through their reactions and feelings regarding this tragedy.
If children are struggling with this news, or if families are seeking guidance on how to discuss this loss with your child, please call your school to be put in touch with the appropriate resources.
John Burkey
Superintendent of Schools
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