Claudy Pierre-Charles at HMS

Sixth grade students at Heineman Middle School were honored to welcome Mr. Claudy Pierre-Charles, a native of Haiti. Claudy shared his experiences growing up in Haiti and emphasized the importance and love for seeking an education.
Claudy is currently taking college automotive classes and plans to use his skills to help develop jobs back in Haiti when his studies are finished. The students were amazed by Claudy’s description of the meager resources relating to meeting basic needs such as water as well as the challenges of a developing country including proper road infrastructure, inadequate housing structures, and the lack of electricity availability.
Students were able to ask many questions regarding his experiences as a child in Haiti including living through the 2010 earthquake that devastated much of the country. The visit was an eye-opening experience that will not be forgotten.
Claudy’s visit was held in conjunction with a service project that developed after reading the novel A Long Walk to Water in social studies class. Realizing that millions of people, mostly children, spend hours each day seeking water, the HMS sixth grade committed to raising funds to sponsor two wells.
MAN ARE WE CLOSE! Currently, over $6,000 has been collected. All contributions will be matched by Mr. and Mrs. James Dobbs and built through the Food for the Poor organization.
Claudy’s visit was initiated by our lovely Mrs. Fulton on the 8-1 team. We truly appreciate Mrs. Fulton’s aunt and uncle for bringing Claudy all the way from Iowa to share his incredible story with our sixth grade.