Cam's DTBD

Huntley High School senior Camille Paddock recently was profiled in the Northwest Herald, sharing her story as a victim of bullying who now runs her own anti-bullying organization, Cam’s Dare To Be Different.
Paddock was diagnosed with a form of alopecia, an autoimmune disease that caused her to lose all of her hair. As a result, she was frequently bullied as a child.
“So I wrote a letter to my school’s superintendent, who came to the school and put an end to the bullying,” Paddock told the newspaper. “And from there, it set a new path to our school’s bullying policy, where now it really is zero tolerance.”
She also started a blog, “Dare to be Different,” to share her experiences. Through her nonprofit, she has made several appearances at area schools as an anti-bullying advocate.
Paddock, who also was named Miss Teen Illinois International 2014, recently gave the opening address at thePeople in Need Forum at McHenry County College.
Read the full profile on the Northwest Herald website.