Class watches Girl Rising

Ms. Sharkey’s AP Human Geography classes got the chance on February 21 to Skype with the executive producer of the Documentary Group and former 20/20 producer Kayce Freed Jennings about the creation of the film Girl Rising, which they watched in class.
Ms. Jennings spoke with the students about the issues of poverty and education for girls throughout the world, opening their eyes to the hardships and the importance education can bring to these girls.

Told through the point of view of nine girls from countries throughout the world, the film provided students the opportunity to gain insight into what life is like and the struggles that girls face throughout the world in their struggles to get education. The students were able to propose questions, ask about the current situations of the girls in the film, and discuss the creation of documentary film.
As a part of the development unit in the class, the students have studied women’s role and rights throughout the world, and how countries develop through industrialization and education.
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