HHS Operation Click Students

This past Friday students from Huntley High School’s Operation Click club attended their annual year-end banquet. Also in attendance were two other HHS students who were randomly chosen to attend based upon signed Operation Click Student Driving Contracts.
Operation Click is a charitable organization working with 39 area high schools to promote safe driving habits among high school students. At the beginning of each school year, HHS students are asked to sign a driving contract including agreements to never text and drive, drink and drive, or quit school, and to always wear a seat belt. Throughout the school year random contracts are pulled and prizes awarded to those students.
Each spring Operation Click hosts a banquet for participating high schools at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake. The highlight of the banquet is the chance for one lucky student to win a free car.
Prior to the banquet, HHS Operation Click staff advisors pull at least one student contract. The student named on that contract will be checked by administrative staff as well as the Huntley Police Department to ensure that there have been no contract violations. The student is then invited to attend the banquet and have a chance to win a free car.
This year two lucky students were selected to be eligible to win a car: Olivia Jones & Isabella Zygowicz. In addition, sophomore Alyssa Spunder earned a chance to win car as the HHS club’s nominee for the Kane County Chapter’s Student of the Year.
While none of the HHS students won the car, Spunder was chosen by Operation Click as the Kane County Chapter’s Student of the Year. The students did receive gift cards from National Gift Card, WalMart and Buffalo Wild Wings.
Congratulations to all the students in attendance and keep up the safe driving. For more information on Operation Click, please visit www.operationclick.com.
Pictured (L-R):

  • HHS Operation Click Club members; Hannah Bohan, Alyssa Spunder, Faith Garrity, and Angela Prospel.
  • HHS Operation Click winners Olivia Jones and Isabella Zygowicz
  • Alyssa Spunder, Kane County Operation Click Student of the Year