HMS Veterans Interviews

Heineman Middle School eighth-grade students had the privilege of interviewing veterans of the U.S. military, whose periods of service spanned from World War II to Operation Desert Storm.
Teacher Todd Ary has for several years organized the opportunity for students to visit with veterans, and this year the opportunity was extended to all eighth graders at the school.
“The biggest thing is that both the veterans and the students equally take something away from this,” Ary said. “It gives them an opportunity to feel the appreciation of what they’ve done and pass that down to the students. It’s really a win-win.”
Students asked the veterans about their personal stories, memories of their times in the service, and the experience of being in the military. They also asked for their perspectives on topics such as war, the use of nuclear weapons, and current affairs.
We thank all of these veterans for their service and for sharing their experiences with our students!
Volunteers included Al Roberts, Warren Higgins, Bill White, Tom McGough, Rick Loughran, Bob Allen, Arthur Schultz, Chuck Veach, Roger Ferguson, Joel Johnson, Patrick McCrystal, Randy Chockley, Joe Scorn, Ted Rotzoll, Rob Barnett, and Warner Duttegg.
View photos from the interviews below: