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Huntley 158’s efforts to become more energy efficient, resulting in more than $660,000 in annual energy cost savings, have been highlighted by the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC).

The SEDAC organization is an applied research program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that provides advice and analysis to facilities to achieve energy efficiency savings and reduce the Illinois energy footprint.

The group published a case study on the successes of Huntley 158’s energy-efficient remodeling and new construction projects conducted over the past several years. Among the highlights is the new addition at Huntley High School, on which SEDAC consulted.

“Most of the recommendations consisted of going beyond code in equipment selection and envelope construction,” the case study reads. “Illinois mandates that all new buildings and major renovations meet current energy code, but going beyond code can lead to substantial additional energy savings.”

The case study credits both the tireless work of Doug Renkosik, director of operations and maintenance, and the support of the Huntley 158 Board of Education. Renkosik has worked with SEDAC to develop plans that both reduce the District’s energy costs and which qualify for financial incentives from government and sustainability-focused organizations. Repeatedly, the Board of Education approved plans aiming to reduce the District’s energy costs.