Solar Panels

Huntley 158 community,

Over the past several years we have become a model among Illinois school districts for adopting sustainable practices and reducing energy usage. By doing so, we improve our budgets, reduce our overall environmental footprint and support worldwide efforts to maintain a sustainable planet. As a result of these values, Huntley 158 is one of 12 school districts that have been chosen to participate in the SEM (Strategic Energy Management) Program initiative sponsored by ComEd and Nicor Gas.

This program provides us with resources and support to help us take our energy saving efforts even farther and achieve significant energy cost savings for electricity and natural gas. During the next year, we will set up and conduct activities and training that will engage all employees in developing and implementing energy saving measures. We also will be sharing tips and encouraging sustainable practices within our schools. After all, it’s our students whose future world we are working to better preserve!

Our efforts are led by our newly appointed Energy Champion, Director of Operations and Maintenance Doug Renkosik, and supported by an Energy Team made up of representatives from departments and schools including maintenance and administration.

Even though the SEM program provides training, coaching, and technical expertise, the key to success is the active role and contributions from all district members. We will be able to track our progress on using a statistically based energy models for each school, which calculates a running total of electricity and natural gas saved compared to historical levels.

We’re excited to introduce this new initiative to you and will be communicating regularly about our ongoing efforts in this area over the coming school year. Thank you for your help, and stay tuned!


Mark Altmayer
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Sponsor for the Strategic Energy Management Program