ISBE Case Study

Huntley 158’s innovative programs are being shared by the Illinois State Board of Education as a model for other school districts throughout the state through ISBE’s “Illinois Sparks” initiative. The initiative shares case studies of replicable practices positively impacting schools across Illinois via the ISBE website:​

The case study focuses on Huntley High School’s wildly popular Blended Learning and academy programs, as well as the Vanguard Vision competency-based education pilot.

“​Student choice guides teaching and learning practices at Huntley High School and makes the school climate feel like a college campus,” the case study reads. “Innovative teaching and learning practices allow students to participate more actively in designing their experience.”

The case study also includes suggested reflections and action steps for other school districts interested in replicating variants of the programs in their own schools.

Huntley High School’s Blended Learning program recently was ranked #1 in the U.S. by It previously has been featured by major media outlets including CNNParenting Magazine, and the GettingSmart blog.