Huntley High School Junior Isabelle Rivera is a force in the international weightlifting scene, having placed first in a number of global competitions in the past two years. 

In advance of the American Powerlifting Federation’s Illinois State meet in March, Rivera competed at the World Powerlifting Congress World Championship in Finland this winter. In the international competition, she took first place in several events within the women’s teenage Classic Raw division. 

Her results there included setting world records in backsquat (162.5kg | 358.25lb), benchpress (77.5kg | 170.75lb) and deadlift (177.5kg | 391.32lb), which still stand.

In 2019 other accolades included setting records at the Illinois State Meet in March, where she also was named Best Female Lifter among women competing at all age levels. At Nationals in June, her combined three-lift total of 417.5kg (more than 920lbs.) also broke records and qualified her for international competition. 

Rivera began competing in powerlifting in her early teens. She trains at Huntley Barbell and is active with local soccer programs as a player and referee.

Established in 1986, the World Powerlifting Congress includes 46 member countries.

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