Huntley 158 families,

On behalf of Huntley 158 and our respective employee unions, the Huntley Education Association and the Huntley Education Support Personnel Association, we want to provide you an update as we head into the State’s officially designated “Remote Learning Days” March 31-April 7.

  • We will continue using e-Learning during the State’s mandated closure period through at least April 7. 
  • March 31 marks the first day of the State’s designated “remote learning days” for all Illinois schools. 
  • Previous days (March 16-20 and March 30) were designated as “Act of God Days” for which learning was not required. The “Act of God” days do NOT need to be made up at the end of the year.
  • While there has been no update from the State regarding further extension, we strongly encourage families to plan for the potential of e-Learning through the end of April or longer.

The learning experience for our students will continue in a similar manner to the e-Learning Days we used March 16-30. However, we have published an official “Remote Learning Plan” in accordance with State regulations. 

This plan document includes some additional guidelines based on State recommendations, including how attendance, grading, standardized testing, and other considerations will be handled. 

Click here to view the Remote Learning Plan

  • Elementary families: Please note that there is a new e-Learning “Hub,” for grades PreK-5. Daily learning activities will be accessible via this page
  • Special services families: Please reference the letter that was emailed earlier today for additional information on how we will continue providing special education supports during e-Learning Days.

Thank you, and please continue to reach out with your questions or concerns. 


Scott Rowe, Ed.D.