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Dear Families,

We want to inform you that there have been a few glitches with our ability to share out some of the E-Learning Student Individualized Plans. While we have diligently worked to find a solution, there may be a delay in your receipt of the plan for your student(s). You should expect to receive the plan for your student(s) no later than the end of the day tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1st. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to ensure all of you receive access to the plan for your student(s).

In the meantime, we have included a plan for a Sample Student for you to review. Our intent of sharing it with you is to help you become familiarized with the components of the plan. We are hopeful that through our brief explanations, you are better able to understand the plan so you can provide supports to your student(s) during the e-learning days. Our goal is continue offering special education supports to our students through implementation of the plan. We look forward to the ongoing partnership with you throughout this process.

We recognize you will have ongoing concerns and questions as we move forward with e-learning days. Please reach out to your student’s case manager to help get your concerns and questions addressed in a timely manner. We are all here to ensure you feel equipped to support your student’s success while we continue to provide learning opportunities during e-learning days.

E-Learning Student Individualized Plan Components

  1. Team Members
    • All members of your student’s IEP Team will provide some time within the day that they will be readily available to engage in communications via email correspondences
  1. IEP Accommodation
    • Your student’s IEP Team will add the accommodations from the IEP that can be provided or supported during e-learning days along with explanations so that you understand how to use the accommodations in the home setting
  1. Service Logs
    • Your student’s IEP Team will add all of the types of activities they complete that are connected to services and supports for your student
  1. IEP Goals
    • Your student’s IEP Team will add learning tasks for your student to complete that directly relate to the goal area, including all relevant links for your student to access activities or materials
    • Your student’s IEP Team will add expected outcomes for your student that specify work that needs to be completed and returned to the IEP Team as well how it should be shared with them


Rocio del Castillo, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Special Services