To be silent is to be complicit. As a school district that aims to provide a safe, equitable learning environment for all students always, we cannot be silent.

Huntley Community School District 158 is adding our voice to the chorus of millions demonstrating for the condemnation of racial violence, for the recognition that Black lives matter, for changes to break down the individual and systemic racism that plagues our society, and for the embrace of hope, love, decency, and common humanity.

As teachers and students of history, we understand that racism, both overt and intrinsic, have long pervaded our society, our industry, and our own community and schools. We remain committed to examining and eliminating the ways our own structures and practices have perpetuated inequities.

As educators, we understand the powerful platform we have to influence our students’ and country’s future. We endeavor to help all staff members and students understand the realities of bias, privilege, and systematic oppression, and to empower them to make positive change in the world.

As an institution that cares deeply for the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of our students, staff, families, and community, we renew our commitment to approaching all matters within our power through a lens of equity.

Much work lies ahead for our school district and our society. At this moment, we stand with our students, staff, and all who are rightfully and righteously demanding fairness and justice.

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