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The entire Huntley 158 community is heartbroken at the loss of one of our students, Shannon Daly, a junior at Huntley High School. Shannon passed away yesterday, October 20, 2020.

When a school community loses one of its young people, the pain touches us all. From Shannon’s many friends to the teachers and staff members who worked with her, this loss will leave a void in our hearts.

We know that a tragic loss such as this can have a strong impact on the entire community, not just those connected through classes and friendships. We encourage any of our students or families to reach out to your school to be connected with counseling and social work resources to process this loss or to help your child in the grieving process.

For assistance in the community, we encourage anyone in need of emotional support to use the resources below:

  • McHelp App: 24 hours/day 7 days/week
    The McHELP App is a quick click to reach immediate crisis support and information via text or voice. It provides anonymous access to trained, licensed crisis counselors in times of emergency, concern, anxiety or need.
  • McHenry County Crisis Line: 24 hours/day 7 days/week
    Call 1-800-892-8900 for services.
    Centegra Crisis Services serves as the first point of contact for callers in need of immediate assistance for mental health emergencies. Crisis line professionals are also available to help people with intense personal, family and/or marital problems.
  • McHenry County Mental Health Board
    Comprehensive service directory available in McHenry County.

This is an incredibly difficult time for our community. I know our students and staff will be able to lean on each other as they remember a friend and fellow member of the Huntley 158 family. Please help us honor Shannon’s memory by uniting and supporting each other with love, empathy, and sympathy during this most harrowing of times, and please reach out for support whenever needed.


Scott Rowe, Ed.D.