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Congratulations to the 102 Huntley High School students who will be inducted into the National Honor Society in a virtual ceremony tonight, April 28. In addition to honoring inductees from throughout the United States, the ceremony will celebrate the organization’s Centennial Anniversary.

“The National Honor society is one of the most long standing honor societies in the United States. When people hear that a student is in the NHS, the first thing that comes to mind is that that student must be pretty smart. Membership in the NHS entails so much more than being smart,” said Cynthia Schneider, who co-sponsors the HHS chapter with fellow teacher Melanie Lyons.

In addition to academic prowess, she said that the rigorous application process for membership also requires students to show that they are active in the school and community, have a passion for service and have a strong moral character.

“The students we are honoring tonight have shown that they have the criteria required to be inducted into the Huntley High School chapter of NHS. This is quite an accomplishment and should be celebrated,” Schneider said.

Once students have been inducted into the Huntley High School chapter of NHS, they will continue to build on their leadership skills and work to develop ways to serve in the school and community. They will select a small service group that will work to plan and carry out a service project. Some of the chapter’s past projects include:

  • Making blankets for children’s hospitals and cancer wards
  • Helping in senior citizen and assisted living facilities
  • Helping at the animal shelter
  • Food Drive
  • Making care packages for our service men and women overseas.
  • Spooky buddies
  • Adopt a family
  • 5K race
  • and more.

Among other featured dignitaries, students will hear a keynote address from rapper, artist, actor, and activist Common.

The HHS inductees are:

Abigail Larson
Abigail Panier
Adam Guazzo
Addison Drews
Adrianna Crespo
Alexandra Hornberg
Alison Monis
Allison Ambrogio
Allyson Panzloff
Alyssa Ekstrom
Amanda Oliver
Andrew Larson
Angelica Favila
Ashley Garrard
Ashley Zolen
Avary DeBlieck
Benjamin Boldog
Benjamin Cataldo
Benjamin Vitner
Breanna Burak
Brittney Burak
Cade Dees
Caitlyn Gooden
Carrie Cobb
Catherine Pollack
Christine Idowu
Clara Hudgens
Daniela Arriola
Danielle Webber
Elaina Hibbeler
Emily Chong
Emily Dunfrund
Emma Tocmo
Eric Bower

Gabriella Whitfield
Grace Lehmann
Gracie Schramm
Gretchen Sweeney
Hannah Price
Holly Urbanczyk
Isabel Kusiolek
Ishdeep Singh
Jacey Sola
James Smith
Jessica Adams
Jessica Olson
Joey Garlin
Joseph Dollard
Julia Growney
Juliana Maude
Kara Zimolzak
Karen Reyes Villanueva
Kari Janikowski
Katherine Patel
Katie Mitchell
Kelsey Moersfelder
Kendall Gallaugher
Kevin Kilanski
Lance Leigh
Lauren Schmit
Lillia Kaye
Lyndsey Bajgrowicz
Madelyn Donovan
Madelyn Mangino
Maha Khan
Manav Dave
Marissa Mikutis
Marrisa Dsouza

Mason Hewitt
Matthew Breese
Meenakshi Swaminathan
Megan Laird
Megan Pawlak
Megha Jacob
Melanie Gyorke
Micah Overly
Michael Boelens
Naiya Nguyen
Nancy Lopez Garcia
Nicole Okeke
Olivia Schramm
Oludara Aluko
Ronni Fiedler
Ryan Matustik
Ryan Meyers
Ryan Stary
Sahana Rajagopalan
Sameer Anber
Sara Hursey
Seamus Daly
Seth McCulloch
Shayan Sheikh
Sofia Abbott
Sofia Gumucio
Sophia Coronado
Sophia Zion
Sophie Thivierge
Taylor Trent
Tyler Lehmann
Yehan Subasinghe
Zachary Stocker
Zachary Ulmer