Dr. Marcus Belin, principal of Huntley High School, was selected to the ASCD international Emerging Leaders Class of 2021, a two-year cohort-based program designed to cultivate and develop rising leaders in education. The Emerging Leaders Class of 2021 includes educators from 12 states, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India. 

“Nurturing and promoting great education leaders is at the heart of our mission,” said CEO and Executive Director Ranjit Sidhu. “The Emerging Leaders program represents a growing cohort of leaders from around the globe who will serve as a guiding force in districts and schools for years to come.” 

Participants in the Emerging Leaders program have between five and 15 years of experience in education and have made an impact as leaders in their schools, districts, and communities. Through the program, these educators gain access to networking and learning opportunities, prepare for future leadership roles, and build strong and supportive professional learning communities with peers around the globe. 

“I am so excited and honored to be part of the Emerging Leaders Class of 2021 alongside such an outstanding group of educators across the world. This cohort presents a one of a kind opportunity to learn from fellow leaders and forward thinkers in the field of education. I look forward to representing Huntley High School and gaining a wide range of skills and perspectives to further the mission and vision of Huntley 158,” said Belin.