Huntley 158 is excited to announce a step forward in our commitment to green energy: the Illinois EPA has awarded over $4.2 million in grant funding to 15 school districts across the Chicagoland area which will go towards the purchase of electric buses. Huntley 158 will receive $1,042,611 to purchase four all-electric buses. This is the highest amount of school buses being awarded to a single district across the state, and Huntley 158 is one of just two districts who have been awarded this funding in McHenry County. 

The District applied for this grant funding in order to further our green initiative and commitment to clean energy. The District is excited to make strides in eco-friendly transportation and continue our efforts as the greenest district in Illinois. 

In the coming months, the District will look to choose a manufacturer and can expect to acquire the four buses in the next 12 to 18 months. Operational factors to consider as a result of this award include the placement and building of charging stations on campus and the ability to keep these vehicles charged and running safely to service all students in a timely manner. 

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our district and reflects our commitment to clean energy and eco-friendly practices that make sense in our 21st century world,” said superintendent, Dr. Scott Rowe. “There is a lot of work to be done in the next 18 months as we prepare for this step forward, but I am so proud of our district’s willingness to look ahead and consistently find ways to serve our students and benefit our community in tandem.”

According to the State, the grants are funded by VW Settlement dollars provided through Illinois EPA’s Driving a Cleaner Illinois Program, which was designed to improve air quality in Illinois by removing old diesel engines from service. 

For more information on this grant funding, please visit the State of Illinois website here: