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Hello Huntley 158 Students & Families, 

We hope this email finds you and your students well as you enjoy the final weeks of summer. Before we begin the transition back to school for the 2022-23 year, we’d like to make you aware of an upcoming change to our learning management system, which you may know as PowerSchool Learning or Haiku. Huntley 158 will be moving to Schoology Learning for all secondary students in grades 6-12 as we begin the 2022-23 school year.

Why is the district making this change?

The PowerSchool platform has acquired Schoology Learning, meaning that all districts who use this learning management system will be moving over to Schoology. Once Huntley 158 learned of this change, our staff compiled a committee to research other platforms and make the choice that would best fit the needs of our students and families. After this search process, we found that several districts comparable to Huntley 158 have found success using the Schoology platform and elected to make this transition for all students at the middle and high school level.

What information will parents have access to in Schoology?

Similar to PowerSchool Learning (Haiku), Schoology is a Learning Management System designed for K-12 schools to house students’ courses, upcoming assignments and due dates, calendars, and groups students belong to for clubs, activities, and athletics. Schoology allows teachers to easily provide students with digital resources and is an interactive platform where students can complete assignments and assessments, safely engage in discussions, or even create portfolios. Parents will have view-only access to their student’s courses.  Parents cannot view assignments, comments, or discussions from other children in the class. Please click here to learn more about Schoology. 

When will I be able to log into Schoology?

Students can access Schoology via ClassLink on their 1:1 device (chromebook) or by going to Students can sign in using their [email protected] email account. Students will be automatically enrolled in courses based on their schedule in PowerSchool.  Parents will also be able to log in using an access code for EACH student in their family. Parents can expect to receive your unique access code the week of August 15, 2022 before we return to school. Log-in information and links will be made available at on this date, as well. If you have any questions or need assistance setting up a Schoology parent account, there will be a chance to set up your account and ask questions during Back to School Nights at Marlowe, Heineman, and Huntley High Schools. 

Take a look at this video included to gain a better understanding of the Schoology platform and all the ways parents and students will be able to engage in their learning via this resource.  

Thank you for your attention to this change and your cooperation as we make this shift for our students, staff, and families. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this platform and your access to Schoology, please email [email protected]. 

Thank you, 

Curriculum, Learning & Innovation Department |

Technology Department

Huntley Community School District 158