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Dear Huntley High School Families,

It has been an exciting week here at HHS! We are so excited to celebrate Homecoming with our students, and we are looking forward to the events still to come. To those of you who joined us at last night’s parade to the Huntley Square, thank you for showing your support and Red Raider spirit. As Friday’s football game and Saturday’s Homecoming dance approach, I’d like to provide some important reminders.. 

Homecoming Pep Assembly: Friday, October 7th 1:00 pm

We encourage all students to attend the pep assembly scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Since the assembly takes place at the end of the day without additional classes scheduled after, students do have the option to scan out and leave the building.  You do not need to call out your student for the assembly as it will overload the attendance system.  We will have all students scan their IDs as they leave out door 10. Once the assembly has begun and those leaving have left the campus, we will send out a text and email alert to all parents/guardians listed in PowerSchool, that have had a student sign out.  Students must exit the building via door 10 and leave the school property if they are not staying for the assembly.  All other exits will be monitored and exits will be prevented.  Again, we encourage all students to stay for the assembly to celebrate Homecoming week with our Red Raider family.

Homecoming Football Game: Friday, October 7th

Students and fans of Raider Nation are expected to follow safety guidelines and behave respectfully at the game. Students will not be admitted into the game without an ID. Temporary IDs will not be accepted. All bags are subject to search at the entry gate. Outside food and drink are also not allowed. 

I ask that you be mindful of the increased traffic in the parking lots. Please stay off cell phones while in the parking lot. This has been a major concern while drivers are on campus. Attentive driving can increase safety for everyone.

Homecoming Dance: Saturday, October 8th

Tickets for the dance will be available on the webstore until Friday, October 7th at 11:59 pm. Tickets will NOT be sold at the event. There are no exceptions. 

Info about the dance:

  • The dance will begin at 7:00 p.m. at Huntley High School. Doors will open to the building at 6:30 p.m. 
  • Students will enter through Door 1 (Main Entrance), Door 4 (Student Parking), or Door 10 (Athletics). 
  • Students must have their physical student ID to enter the dance. Temporary IDs will not be allowed.  There will not be any exceptions for everyone’s safety. (Screenshots or pictures of an ID will NOT be accepted.)
  • Students bringing a guest must be present with their guest at the time of entry. Students must have turned in a guest form. The guest must have his/her ID with them as well. 

The dance ends at 10:00 pm. If a student chooses to leave the dance before the dance’s conclusion, parents/guardians in PowerSchool will be notified via text and email that your student has left the dance and is no longer on school property. Once students leave, they will not be allowed to return. 

Just a reminder that students will not be allowed to have bags or outside food or drink. School rules apply while in attendance at the dance, including appropriate behavior and dress code.  Failure to comply with the expectations will result in the student being dismissed from the event without refund, along with school and other appropriate consequences.

See you at the game tomorrow night!! Dress warm!

Be well, 

Dr. Marcus Belin