The SchooLinks College and Career platform will now be used for all secondary (6-12) students and families in Huntley 158.  Please see the FAQ below to learn more about the district’s use of SchooLinks.  Specific questions you or your student may have can be directed via email to [email protected].

How do students log in?

Students will be able to access SchooLinks via ClassLink on their 1:1 device (Chromebook) or by going to Students can “Log in with Google” to gain access to SchooLinks.

How do parents log in?

Parents will have view-only access to their students’ information within SchooLinks.  This includes working with your students to view potential colleges, careers, find financial assistance and more.  Parents will receive a unique claim code the week of November 14 for EACH student in order to log in securely. 

  1. Parents will go to and select “Sign up as a Guardian” at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Enter the unique claim code for your student(s) and create an account for yourself. 
  3. To add additional students, navigate to the “My Students” tab on your dashboard after logging in and enter your additional student(s)’ unique claim code.
  4. Once you have created your account, you can login to SchooLinks at any time by going to, selecting “Guardians and Members,” and logging in with your credentials. 

Can more than one parent create a SchooLinks account?

Yes. Each parent can create their own SchooLinks account with their own account credentials by using the same unique claim codes for their student(s).

What information can I view as a parent?

Parents will have view-only access to their student(s)’ ‘case file‘ including their assessment results, activities they have completed and experience tracking. Parents will also be able to participate in college searches, career exploration, financial assistance resources and scholarship searches.

What should I do if I cannot log in to SchooLinks?

If you experience any difficulties using the SchooLinks platform, please direct questions to [email protected] and you will be connected with a staff member who can help. 

How can student(s) use SchooLinks to get connected to job opportunities?

Local employers are able to post “Opportunities” within SchooLinks. These opportunities could be related to volunteering, internships or paid employment. To find and explore these postings, students should log in to SchooLinks, click on “Careers” in the left hand navigation window and select “Opportunities”.

How can SchooLinks help support student(s) in college and career planning?

SchooLinks is a robust college and career planning platform.  Students should start their college and career planning by completing “Assessments” found on the “Activities” tab.  The following assessments are a great place to start:

  • Would You Rather: Matching careers to your favorite hobbies.
  • Top Skills: Match careers to your skills and interests.
  • Learning Style: Take this assessment to see how you learn best to set yourself up for future success.
  • Student Focus: Analyze different colleges and programs you are interested in.
  • Discover Your Campus Lifestyle: Take this assessment to determine what type of campus is best for you.

Within SchooLinks, students can view their past results and retake assessments as many times as they would like. As students progress through school, their interests and goals often change; SchooLinks allows students to organize those ideas in the “My Goals” section within the “Activities” tab. Students in grades 6-12 can also connect with their counselors at any time to discuss their college and career planning, use of SchooLinks, assessment results and educational goals for the future.