ABC Influencers

Like many organizations around the country, employers in McHenry County are challenged by a highly competitive job market. As companies struggle to fill positions, the McHenry County Area Businesses Connect collaboration establishes early connections between area businesses, influencers (i.e., local educators), and local career opportunities. By raising awareness of various career opportunities, this collaboration can establish relationships between companies, organizations, and prospective hires before they even enter the job market.

McHenry County Area Businesses Connect is designed to build and keep more talent right here in McHenry County. With countless opportunities in a wide range of industries, many student career paths are in McHenry County, including manufacturing, technical services, medical, skilled trade, and more. Area Businesses Connect establishes relationships between influencers and local businesses offering a firsthand look at day-to-day operations and the workforce needs of their company or organization. Finally, this collaboration strengthens a homegrown, local workforce, making McHenry County an even better place to live.

Huntley 158 is thrilled to partner with the Community Foundation for McHenry County, Harvard Community School District 50 and the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation for the ABC Influencers kickoff event on Monday, January 16! Teachers, administrators and community representatives will tour MAC Automation Concepts and Flocon Solutions in Woodstock, IL and will also engage in an information session with manufacturing partners in the county.