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Below is information previously presented to the Board and to the public regarding the boundary changes approved by the Board at its meeting March 19, 2015.

As you may know, District 158 continues to be a growing district. Most of this growth has occurred within the Leggee Elementary boundaries, leading to capacity issues at that school. The last changes to school boundaries were made in 2007, and we now face the need to redraw boundaries for our elementary and middle schools.

The District contracted in October 2014 with DecisionInsite, a company that specializes in assisting districts with boundary changes. Using demographic data from DecisionInsite, as well as collaborating with them on boundary lines, the District and DecisionInsite have produced three different viable boundary scenarios.

Changes Under Consideration

The changes under consideration affect only those families currently residing within Leggee Elementary boundaries and will alleviate the overcrowding issues at Leggee.

Neighborhoods whose elementary boundaries may change under the scenarios include Wing Pointe, Talamore, Georgian Place, and Downtown Huntley east of Route 47 (encompassing Huntley Historic District, Ol’ Timers Park surrounding area, Huntley Highlands, and north of Algonquin along Church Street). There are additional neighborhoods west of Route 47 whose middle school boundaries will be affected after the phase-in beginning in 2018.

The scenarios were presented to the Board of Education on February 19, including a recommended option (Scenario 1).
View the full presentation from the Board meeting (PDF).

Scenario 1 (Administration’s Recommended Option)

  • Georgian Place and Huntley East of 47/North of Main Street move to the Reed Road Campus.
  • Wing Pointe and Huntley East of 47/South of Main Street move to the Square Barn Road Campus.
  • Middle School boundaries are realigned to enable elementary students on the Reed Rd and Square Barn Campuses to attend middle school on the same campus as their elementary schools.
  • For Leggee students entering middle school, the boundary line would run along Main Street west to Harmony Road.
  • Number of K-5 students moved by 2017: 611 (281 from Leggee to Chesak/Martin, 330 from Leggee to Mackeben/Conley, 330)

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Scenario 2

  • Georgian Place and Wing Pointe move to the Square Barn Road Campus.
  • To create a cleaner boundary along the railroad line in the southern part of the district, a small amount of property containing no residences is moved to Leggee.
  • Middle School boundaries follow the elementary boundaries to allow elementary students to attend the same campus for both elementary and middle school.
  • For Leggee Elementary, the vast majority of students would attend Marlowe Middle School, while a swath of the District south of I-90 would attend Heineman.
  • Total number of K-5 students moved by 2017: 416 from Leggee to Mackeben/Conley

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Scenario 3

  • Talamore moves to the Reed Road Campus
  • Creates non-contiguous boundaries for Leggee and the Square Barn Road Campus, moving Huntley East of 47/North of Main Street to Square Barn Road while keeping Georgian Place with Leggee.
  • Middle school boundaries correspond with elementary, creating non-contiguous boundaries.
  • Total number of K-5 students moved by 2017: 451 (374 from Leggee to Chesak/Martin, 77 from Leggee to Mackeben/Conley)

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