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The Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) is a computer-adaptive skills assessment for early learners.
Students take this assessment on the computer with a teacher supporting them as necessary.  The scenarios and feedback provided are engaging and developmentally appropriate with the assessment adjusting instantly to each response the student gives allowing them to be challenged appropriately at their level.  The CPAA covers a broad range of early literacy concepts including listening, phonemic awareness, phonics and writing, and reading and reading mechanics.  It also covers a broad range of mathematical concepts including measurement, numeracy, operations, and patterns and functions all of which are aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards.
This assessment provides students with opportunities to show what they know and what they know when provided a little more information. For example, a student may be asked to select the letter “B” from a group of approximately 12 letters.  If the student responds incorrectly, a different question will appear where the student is asked to select the letter “B” from only four different letters.
This assessment is designed to provide your child’s teacher with information about what your child knows and the next steps in his learning.  The  CPAA assessment collects evidence of skill development and tracks progress through each assessment given.
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