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Our mission to inspire, challenge, and empower all students always informs our commitment to encouraging diversity and inclusion among our students and staff.
Huntley 158 values the diversity of its student body, staff, and surrounding community, and recognizes that the range of perspectives provided by different individuals strengthens our mission. The District’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group is responsible for leading the District’s work and engagement with the community regarding these topics.
In addition, District representatives regularly meets with the community-based advisory group Parents United Diversity Council.

Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is tasked with creating and sustaining a plan to encourage appreciation of diversity, inclusive practices, and cultural sensitivity among Huntley 158 staff and students.
Specifically, the group will:

  • Serve as public liaison with parents and other community members and organizations regarding topics of diversity and inclusion.
  • Develop plans for staff professional development regarding diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Review curriculum and instructional practices to ensure inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.
  • Review District-wide operations and practices to ensure school environments are safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all students always.
  • Identify and plan opportunities for engaging students regarding these topics.

Core Team 

  • Dan Armstrong, Director of Communications and Public Engagement (chair)
  • Terry Awrey, Associate Superintendent for 6-12 Education
  • Dr. Erika Schlichter, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Innovation


  • Dr. Rocio Del Castillo, Director of Curriculum
  • Peter Kupfer, Director of Curriculum
  • Phalguni Desai, Teacher, HHS
  • Emily Kaffel, Instructional Coach, HHS
  • Shannon Phillips, Teacher, HHS
  • Kinsey Wright, ESL Specialist
  • Nicole Hayashi, Teacher, Marlowe Middle School
  • Silvana Cantagallo, Media Specialist, Heineman Middle School
  • Jane Kantor, Teacher Heineman Middle School
  • Jaime DeBlieck, Teacher, Leggee Elementary School
  • Carrie Hernandez, Teacher, Leggee Elementary School
  • Danyce Letkewicz, Associate Principal, HHS
  • Anna Hoyou, Principal, Mackeben Elementary School