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District 158 understands that a strong partnership with parents best supports student achievement. The Special Services Department has a Family Engagement Liaison to create stronger relationships with families. The Family Engagement Liaison is a support to families in providing education on topics related to special education.

Imparting knowledge equips parents and students with stronger self-advocacy skills. The role of the Family Engagement Liaison is to foster trust between special service families and school personnel and assists families in working through concerns with a team. The Family Engagement Liaison role is to promote inclusive community mindset working collaboratively with both staff and special service families.

  • Provide training on various topics related to special education or parenting a child with a disability
  • Partnering to equip parents in the IEP process
  • Helping parents navigate transitions
  • Problem solve with families as they address concerns
  • Connect families with various resources/agencies in the community
  • Encourages meaningful opportunities for  parent involvement of students in special services in their schools

Jill Shadel, Family Engagement Liaison
[email protected]
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