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Huntley High School’s Material Pick Up is designed as your one stop shop to:

  • Pick up your schedule
  • Request your locker
  • Get your books
  • Pick up your parking pass
  • Take your yearbook picture

Material Pick Up will be held on Tuesday, August 9 from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM and Wednesday, August 10 from 1:30 PM to 7:30 PM at Huntley High School. Please see the following details to prepare:

1:1 Device Distribution

Devices will be checked out to students at Material Pickup. Freshmen and Juniors MUST bring their current chrome books and chargers with them to turn in and be issued a new device. Students will have step by step procedures to follow (with the help of staff members) to properly log in and connect to wifi. This process is very important and will require the student to be present to have the device checked out to them with student ID card and Google credentials. Any student unable to attend may check out their device from the Technology Help Desk in room C1122 on the first day of school.


Please ensure your registration is completed through the Web Store prior to material pick up days. As a reminder, no student will be able to attend classes until they have registered and paid fees.

School Pictures

During material pick up days, students will be photographed for the yearbook. Any student unable to have their picture taken during material pick up will have an opportunity for make-ups in October.

Schedule Changes

Students will only be allowed to make elective changes within the same class period. No elective schedule changes will be made after the first day of school. Below are reasons to see your counselor on material pick up days:

  • No class scheduled for a particular period
  • Missing lunch
  • Scheduled to take a class you have already passed
  • Senior missing a graduation requirement
  • Elective course change if possible in existing schedule

Book Checkout

All books checked out to students at Material Pick Up must be returned to the school and properly scanned back into the system to give the student credit for returning the book. We will provide an opportunity to return books at the end of each semester for all students. If a schedule change occurs for any other reason a student no longer needs a book, it is the responsibility of the student to contact either Ms. Schwerzler ([email protected]) or Mrs. Gustafson ([email protected]) in the East Pod office to have their book scanned into the system.

Failure to properly return the book may result in the student being charged to replace the book, if it cannot be recovered. Failure to return books or other checked out materials or pay the cost to replace the books or materials in full may result in diploma and transcripts being held until they are returned. Students should never turn in text books to a teacher. They must be returned to either the book room at the proper return time or to the East Pod office if a mid-year exit occurs.

Please note: Huntley High School does not have formal school supply lists. High school students are encouraged to come prepared with materials they are comfortable with to help them best learn in their own style.