Please find the new Pod Directory for the 2022-23 school year below. Each Student Services Pod will serve a different section of our student population. Contact information for counselors and other HHS staff members can also be found below.

Student Services Pod DirectoryRoleEmail
EAST POD – Grades 9/10 (A-H)
Maureen ChambersA-De Counselor[email protected]
Karen MillerDh-H Counselor[email protected]
Tami BroskowSocial Worker[email protected]
Jim StotzDean[email protected]
Deb GustafsonPod Secretary/Registrar[email protected]
WEST POD – Grades 9/10 (I-Z)
Toni KleinI-Mo Counselor[email protected]
Jim MessinaMu-Sc Counselor[email protected]
Sam SkubakSe-Z Counselor[email protected]
Kirstin RyanSocial Worker[email protected]
Amanda FlightSocial Worker[email protected]
Justin StrohDean[email protected]
Jen BeschPod Secretary[email protected]
SOUTH POD – Grades 11/12 (A-H)
Noelle GreeneA-De Counselor[email protected]
Carolyn FrasorDh-H Counselor[email protected]
Gina MiglioreSocial Worker[email protected]
Alice OhlingerDean[email protected]
Kandice GidelskiPod Secretary[email protected]
Danielle RewiakoI-Mo Counselor[email protected]
Patty ZachariasMu-Sc Counselor[email protected]
Julie AtchleySe-Z Counselor[email protected]
Emily SmithSocial Worker[email protected]
Chris DuncanDean[email protected]
Asheley BoudreauPod Secretary[email protected]