Huntley High School presents our Dual Degree program in partnership with McHenry County College, which offers current Huntley 158 students the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree concurrently with their high school diploma. This program provides an additional path for our students to advance their college and career goals in a meaningful, cost-effective way.

Program Concept

The course of study that qualifying students would enter into at the end of their sophomore year. A course sequence includes a combination of

  • HHS internal courses
  • Dual Credit courses taught at HHS that receive MCC credit
  • Optional qualifying AP courses
  • Credit-bearing MCC courses taught through MCC

To the greatest extent possible, this course of study will offer a flexible sequence that would allow students to complete an Associate of Arts degree from McHenry County College at the same time as they complete all HHS graduation requirements.

Student Application Process – *Application Closes Tuesday, December 6, 2022*

The ideal candidate for the Dual Degree program is any student who has displayed a commitment to their academics, is willing to be challenged over the summer and through exposure to college level coursework, is looking to transfer to a four-year university, or would like a head start on their college curriculum or career opportunities.

Step One: Interested students & families attend an informational meeting: November 1, 2022

Step Two: Application Process

Step Three: Application review process by HHS counselors and administrators

Step Four: Notification of acceptance from HHS

Step Five: Orientation for Dual Degree participants and families: Date TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dual Degree program?
Through a partnership with McHenry County College, Huntley 158 students will have the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree concurrently with their HHS diploma in order to advance their college and career goals in a cost-effective manner.
Is the Dual Degree program the right fit for my Huntley 158 student?
This program is best suited for motivated students who are looking to further their college and career goals after high school. Students gain exposure to college-level coursework while preparing for post-secondary education or the workforce. The ideal applicant has a 2.6 or higher GPA, 85% attendance rate, and is in good standing at Huntley High School.
What year in high school do you start this program in Huntley 158?
Ideally, current freshmen will start considering the program and sophomore students should consider applying for this program to begin their course sequence in summer 2023 between their sophomore and junior year. 
How much will this cost our family?
Students will be responsible for one third of the cost of any class taken through MCC. The overall cost of the program is dependent upon the number of courses students are enrolled in as Dual Degree participants. Books, fees, and supplies for MCC courses will be the responsibility of the student.

Total tuition and fees estimated cost per credit hour: $140.00
Student cost = $46.60 per credit hour

Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch status have the cost of tuition waived, and District 158 will cover the cost of books and fees.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation to and from courses at MCC will be made available to all students who require it. 
What if I/my student cannot finish the full 60 credits?
Students who have a goal of earning the full Associate of Arts degree while still in high school, are a good fit for this program. Students who simply want a head start in earning college credit can participate in individual Dual Credit classes taught at Huntley High School without being in the Dual Degree Program.