Huntley High School was a pioneer in developing blended learning course options for students in all areas of the curriculum. Beginning in 2011 with a pilot involving 100 students and three teachers, the program has expanded to reach more than two-thirds of the student body, with more than 65 courses available in blended format.

Along the way HHS has become recognized as a national model for public schools looking to implement blended and other innovative learning programs. In addition to coverage in leading national media including CNN, Parenting Magazine, GettingSmart and other outlets, HHS was named the #1 Blended Learning high school in the country by

Learn more about how it works, current course offerings, and the benefits of blended learning.


  • 91% of students say Blended classes provide an environment that requires more self-accountability
  • 85% of students agree Blended classes are beneficial to the student
  • 80% of students agree Blended classes help them manage time and get more work done
  • No teachers surveyed reported a negative experience with Blended Learning

While Blended is not specifically focused on improving GPA or standardized test achievement, since 2013:

  • the cumulative GPA among students who took at least one Blended class is 10% higher than their peers, and
  • Blended students scored 8% higher on the ACT.