Blended Learning classes at Huntley High School Inspire, Challenge and Empower students to become self-motivated learners through both face to face and online instruction.  HHS utilizes a Flex Learning Model of Blended Learning.

At HHS, Blended classes typically meet face-to-face as a whole class two days a week. On the remaining days, students are responsible for online work and have the class period to use as they wish. For example:

  • A high-achieving student who has mastered course material can complete the required work online without having to sit through class periods covering topics they’ve already mastered.
  • A student who requires additional attention from the teacher can get it by visiting the teacher when the class does not meet as a whole to receive one-on-one or small group instruction.
  • A student could use the class period for other purposes, such as meeting in small groups, completing work for another class, going off-campus, or taking a nap. He or she can then complete the Blended classwork at a time that better suits their schedule/learning style.
  • The experience mirrors that of and better prepares students for college, where no one is telling you exactly where you must be and what you must be doing at any given time.
  • However, a “safety net” exists in that students who fail to keep up in the Blended format. All Blended classes are offered simultaneously in the traditional format, and struggling students can transition to the traditional format.