Parent engagement is critical to student success and we encourage you and your student to meet with your child’s teachers. Prior to the conference, please review grades and recent homework to help prepare for the meeting.

This year, we will be using Sign Up Genius to help facilitate our scheduling process. Our appointments will be every 20 minutes and will last for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Please follow the steps below to schedule your appointment with your student’s teachers:

  • Login to Power School to access your student’s teacher names.
  • Access all teachers’ Sign Up Genius accounts and teacher locations below. If you have trouble viewing the table below, click here to view it in a new tab.
  • Choose a date & Click Sign Up for one of the open time slots.
  • Click Submit and Sign Up at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill in your Child’s Name, your First & Last Name, & your Email.
  • Click Sign Up Now. You will receive an email confirmation that contains the date and time for the conference that you signed up for. In the confirmation email, there will be a link to add the conference to your Google Calendar (located in the gray box near the top). This will help manage multiple conferences when you are signing up with other teachers.​
Instructions for Rescheduling a Conference:
  • Go to Sign Up Genius email confirmation.
  • Click on Edit My Sign Up.
  • Click Delete, and click Yes-DELETE.
  • Choose a new date and time.

Staff Locations

Click the + next to the staff member’s name to view his/her signup link.
Parent Teacher Conferences
ALOPKleinvehn, Mr.C2121
ALOPNeilson, Mr.C2121
CounselingAtchley, Mrs. North Pod
CounselingChambers, Ms. East Pod
CounselingFrasor, Mrs. South Pod
CounselingGreene, Mrs.South Pod
CounselingKlein, Mrs.West Pod
CounselingMartens, Mrs. College & Careers
CounselingMessina, Mr.West Pod
CounselingMiller, Mrs. East Pod
CounselingRewiako, Mrs. North Pod
CounselingSkubak, Mrs. West Pod
CounselingZacharias, Mrs. North Pod
CTEAvner, Ms.C2028 Conference Room
CTECooper, Mr.C2122
CTEDeuerling, Mr. C1110
CTEDomka, Mr.W1310
CTELandvick, Mr.W1311
CTEMessina Mrs.W1317
CTEMrs. BurchillC2028 Conference Room
CTEO'Neill, Mr.W1302
CTEPyan, Mrs.E1013
CTERolando, Mr.C2032
CTESanchez, Mrs.C2022
CTESchaschwary, Mrs. C2026
CTETowne, Mr.C2030
CTEWedoff, Mr.C2127B
CTEWeigand, Mr.W1107
CTEZietlow, Ms.C2120
English Birkholz, Ms.C2020
English Chamberlain, Mrs.C2001
English Davison, Mrs.W1203
English Devlin, Mrs.W1202
English Downing, Mrs.C2010
English Fulton, Mrs. C2014
English Goglin, Mrs.W2004
English Hewlett, Mrs.W1200
English Jakubowski, Mr.C2008
English Mangan, Mrs. C2004
English Mcmillen, Ms. C2121
English Mennenoh, Mr.C2016
English Mennenoh, Mrs.C2000
English Meyer, Ms.C2029
English Pratt, Ms. C2025
English Raethz, Mr.W1201
English Sargent, Mr. Hub Room 1
English Scianna, Ms. W1205
English Stanfa, Mrs.W2006
English Starnes, Mrs. C2012
English Tambellini, Mr.C2018
English Teeter, Ms.W1005
English Wills, Mrs.C2006
English Wright, Ms.C2009
Fine ArtsCorapi, Ms.E1009
Fine ArtsDeFrancesco, Ms. E1317
Fine ArtsEakes Loving, Ms.E1019
Fine ArtsIsaacson, Ms.E1101
Fine ArtsJack, Mr.E1023
Fine ArtsKramer Ms. E1007
Fine ArtsRegan, Mrs.E1011
Fine ArtsRollins, Mr.Music Office
MathAllen, Mr.Hub Room 4
MathCoursey, Mrs.W1021
MathDowling, Mr.W2108
MathErnst, Mr.W2019
MathEvans, Mr.C2125 (Raider Aid)
MathFeld, Ms.W1204
MathGodek, Mr.W2110 Math Office
MathGrabner, Mr.W2008
MathJenkins, Mr.C2125 (Raider Aid)
MathJenkins, Mrs.W2100
MathKaffel, Mrs. C2001
MathKalas, Mr.W1017
MathKallas, Mrs.W1011
MathKnott, Dr.W2017
MathMcLaughlin Mrs.W2106
MathMoore, Mr.W1009
MathOdarczenko, Mr.W2010
MathPrice, Mrs.W1019
MathPrzystal, Mrs.W1015
MathRow, Mrs. C2125 (Raider Aid)
MathSobey, Ms. W2009
MathStewart, Ms.W1015
MathStyers, Mr.W2021
MathThornley, Mr.C2123
Medical Leave & Executive FunctionSoss, Mr.Hub Office
PEBuccieri, Ms. W1309
PEFitzgerald, Ms.Field House
PEFrancis, Mr.Field House
PEHenricksen, Mrs.W1307
PEJenkins, Mr.Field House
PEKalamatas, Mr.E1211
PEKruse, Mrs.E1202
PELewandowski, MrW1305
PEMaxedon, Mr.FH1006
PEMeindl, Mrs.Field House
PEMorehart, Mr.Field House
PENaymola, Mr.E1211
PENaymola, Mrs.E1212
PENiccum, Ms.Field House
PEPawlak, Mr.W1303
PEPulio, Mr. Field House
PEReinke, Mr.C1202A
PESlattery, Mr.FH1006
PESt. Clair, Ms.W2028
PEVelez, Mr. W1305
PEWise, MsField House
PEZaleski, Mrs.W1307
ScienceAdamczyk, Mr. W2012
ScienceBertelsman, Mr.C1023
ScienceBoukhari, Ms.W1022
ScienceBussone, Mr. W2016
ScienceDelorenzo, Ms.W2107
ScienceDesai, Mrs.W1101
ScienceDrennan, Ms.W2018
ScienceGarcia, Mr.W1102
ScienceGlowaty, Mr.W2109
ScienceGraf, Ms.W1105
ScienceGreen, Mr.W1016
ScienceKush, Mr.W1014
ScienceLabas, Mr.W2020
ScienceLyons, Mrs.W2022
ScienceMarchand, Mr.C2023
ScienceMarsh, Mr.W1100
ScienceMenendez, Mr.W1018
SciencePeterson, Mrs.W2101
ScienceRosauer, Mr.W1020
ScienceSwanson, Mrs.W2014
ScienceTuleo, Mrs.W1101
ScienceWyman, Mrs.C2011
ScienceYounan-Shawil, Mrs.C1011
ScienceZuniga, Mrs.W1106
Social StudiesAney, Mr.W1210
Social StudiesBanas, Mr.C2113
Social StudiesBrown, Mr.C2116
Social StudiesDanekas, Mr.Hub Room 3
Social StudiesFarlik, Mr.W1206
Social StudiesFowler, Mrs.C2118
Social StudiesGaudio, Ms.SST Shared Office C2110
Social StudiesHenricksen, Mr.C2003
Social StudiesJaekel, Ms.C2114
Social StudiesKappel, Mr.Hub - Main Area
Social StudiesLachel, Mr. W2005
Social StudiesLee, Mr.Hub - Main Area
Social StudiesMonson, Mr.Hub Room 2
Social StudiesMotz, Mrs.W2007
Social StudiesNixon, Mr.C2112
Social StudiesPhillips, Mrs.C2111
Social StudiesSchaefer, Mrs.W1207
Social StudiesSharkey, Ms.W1208
Social StudiesSturm, Mr.C2119
Social StudiesSwartzloff, Mr.C2115
Social StudiesTeagle, Mr.C2117
Social StudiesWheeler, Mrs.W1209
Special EducationBabineau, Ms.C1001/C1000
Special EducationBaran, Ms. C1012
Special EducationBurton, Ms.C1008
Special EducationCorcoran, Mrs.C1016
Special EducationDingbaum, Mrs.C1001/C1000
Special EducationDowell, Ms.C1006
Special EducationEasley, Ms.SST Shared Office C2110
Special EducationFreeland, Ms.C1001/C1000
Special EducationGielarowski, Ms.W2110
Special EducationGordon, Ms.C2125 (Raider Aid)
Special EducationHenriksen, Ms. C1014
Special EducationHiggin, Mrs.C1009
Special EducationHoffmann, Mrs.W1202
Special EducationJarka, Ms.C1014
Special EducationJohnson Ms. C1001/C1000
Special EducationKapachinski, Mrs.C2114
Special EducationKaplan, Mr.W2019
Special EducationMilbratz, Mr. C1001/C1000
Special EducationMiller, Ms.C1001/C1000
Special EducationMueller, Ms.C1009
Special EducationPicchietti, Mrs.W1211
Special EducationPoore, Mr.W2004
Special EducationPopenhagen, Mr.C1003
Special EducationRetzer, Ms.C1016
Special EducationSaylor, Ms.C1010
Special EducationSchmeelk, Mrs.W1212
Special EducationSchwingen, Ms.W1210
Special EducationSimmons, Ms.W1213
Special EducationTaylor, Mrs.C1001/C1000
Special EducationVanek, Mrs.C1001/C1000
Vanguard Vanguard
World LanguageBachour, Ms.C2024
World LanguageCurtis, Ms.Hub - Main Area
World LanguageFeinstein, Mrs.C1030
World LanguageGoss, Mrs.C1024
World LanguageHacker, Mrs. C1026
World LanguageKarras, Ms.Hub - Main Area
World LanguageKostova, Ms.C1018
World LanguagePurkeypile, Mrs.Hub - Main Area
World LanguageScott, Mr.C1025
World LanguageShallcross, Mrs.C1032
World LanguageSwanson, Ms.C1020
World LanguageTexidor-Krause, Mrs.C1028
World LanguageZhao, Ms.C1022