Below are a few reminders of the expectations of students in certain key areas. Thank you for your support of these important procedures and policies at Huntley High School. We wish you the best of luck for the new school year.

Student IDs

Students are required to wear their school-issued IDs on a lanyard around the neck at all times in the building. This is for the safety and security of everyone that comes into the building. The ID must be a valid 2023-2024 ID and the picture is visible and unaltered.

Attendance Procedures

We believe that a direct correlation exists between academic performance and regular attendance in school. We encourage you to keep us informed about your absences and make every effort to be in school each day.

  • Please report any student absence within 24 hours or the student will be marked unexcused. Absences should be reported using the Attendance Line: 847-659-6611.
  • Each student is allowed 7 Excused by Parent absences per semester. On the 8th absence a medical note is required to excuse the absence.
  • Any student that receives 5 Unexcused absences in any class risks receiving a Withdraw/Fail in the course that the unexcused absence takes place.
  • Pre-arranged absences should be approved prior to the absence by an administrator. Forms may be picked up in your Student Service Pod.
  • A student will be given one day for every day missed following an excused absence plus an additional day in order to make up the work that was missed.

Parent call-outs: To ensure student safety, students leaving during the day must be called out by a parent/guardian prior to leaving. If there are extenuating circumstances and a call is not received, a parent/guardian must come in the attendance office to sign their student out.

Medical Verification for Absences: Any time a student misses school for a doctor’s appointment, be sure to get a doctor’s note and turn it into the Attendance Office immediately upon return to medically excuse the absence.

Off-Campus Juniors and Seniors

All juniors and seniors may complete the form found here to apply for off-campus. If you have not already completed the off-campus lunch authorization form and submitted it to Mrs. Jetel in the East Pod, please do so as soon as possible.

Building Exits

During the day the only authorized entrance or exit will be through the main entry door by the security desk at Door 1. This means that anyone coming or leaving the building from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. must use this entrance. Exiting or gaining entry via another location is a violation of the handbook and consequences or loss of privileges may be administered.


All students parking on site must have a valid, school-issued, parking tag displayed from the rearview mirror of their car. Students are expected to enter campus from the Harmony Road entrance only. No student should enter campus whether they are walking or driving from any other entrance.

Dress Code

Similar to any workplace, some clothing is inappropriate to our educational workplace. Please refer to the Student Handbook for our dress code expectations. If a student is referred to the Deans’ Office for inappropriate clothing, he or she may be asked to make an adjustment to their attire. The Deans’ office may have t-shirts available for those who do not have something in a locker to wear. Failure to comply with our school dress code could result in disciplinary measures if not adhered to.