Wondering about who we are, how our school operates, what our students learn, or some other burning question? Check out our FAQ section, and you might just find the answer.

What is the earliest time I can drop off my child?

Please do not drop off your child earlier than 7:50 a.m., as there is no supervision until that time.

What is the procedure if my child is sick or will be late to school?

Please call the absentee line any time day or night at (847) 659-5311, and leave a message if your child is sick or will be late to school.

Will my child go out for recess today?

Children will go out for recess if the “feels like” temperature (windchill included) is 15 degrees or above.

What is the number for Transportation?

(847) 659-3000

What is the procedure if I need to pick up my child early?

Please send a note with your child in the morning regarding an early dismissal or change in their after-school routine.  The second fastest method would be to email your teacher.

How can I get a message to my child during the day?

If there are any messages during the day, call the school office, at (847) 659-5300, and we will get a message to your child.  Sometimes a teacher may not have time to check voicemail or e-mail before dismissal time.  If at all possible, please call us by 2:00 p.m., as last-minute messages are hard to deliver.

How do I see my child’s lunch account?

Visit www.myschoolbucks.com.