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SNAP Program At A Glance

Program Type Self-Contained
Students Served Those with neurodevelopmental diagnoses, most typically autism-spectrum disorders
Locations Early Childhood Center, Leggee Elementary, Marlowe Middle School, Huntley High School
Contact Alyssa Zommick, [email protected], (847) 659-6214

The SNAP Program serves families and students diagnosed with a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders, most commonly those identified with autism spectrum disorders. SNAP is a self-contained program that provides additional structure, sensory supports, modified curriculum and other supports.

Our self-contained programs including SNAP and BRIDGE serve students from Early Childhood (preschool) through Transition (post-12th grade) at the high school.

Currently SNAP is held at the Early Childhood Center, Leggee Elementary, Marlowe Middle School and Huntley High School.

Classrooms range in size based on student need.

Entering the Program

Students at District 158 have access to a wide range of options and opportunities. We provide services along the continuum of services beginning with least restrictive. When considering self-contained programs, a team discusses the needs and supports of the individual student.

The team is comprised of parents, therapists, teachers, as well as other stakeholders as appropriate including but not limited to students, outside therapists and administrators. The students in our self-contained programs have Individualized Education Plans.

More Information

To learn more about the program, contact your building administrator or Alyssa Zommick, special services coordinator, at [email protected] or (847) 659-6214.