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Job Development and Job Coaching Services Support employment development and follow-up for transition students.

Job Developer

The Job Developer services initiate and maintain relationships with businesses to secure internships, employment, and/or volunteer opportunities for students within the community.

Job Coach

Job coach services are designed to support students to become independent workers.  Job coaches provide short-term one-to-one training, supervision and support for students at non-paid and paid work sites, until the student can perform the requirements of the job independently.  When the student and employer are ready for the student to work independently, the team will develop a fading plan for the student with the goal of eliminating job coaching support so the student is working independently.  When a student is 100% independent, the Job Developer will provide Direct Supervision Service (monthly check in with employer).


Transition/STEP is a supervision service provided to students that are competitively employed and do not utilize job coaching assistance.  School staff will talk with employers regarding student progress, monthly.

On-Campus OJE/OJT

On campus experiences are located within a school setting.  This is often a student’s first training experience, used to identify vocational strengths, and to develop appropriate work behaviors and skills in preparation for community placements.

Training Site/Internships

Training Site/Internships are non-paid vocational training placements for students with disabilities. Sites are established at businesses throughout the community.  These experiences allow students to learn and practice basic employability skills in real-world settings, to gain transferable skills. School staff and/or job coaching supports students at internship sites.

Job Shadow

A job shadow is a non-paid learning experience in which time is spent with an individual who is working in the career of interest. Students learn the realities of a job by walking through the day as a shadow of a current employee. This provides opportunities for students to see if he/she has the ability to perform essential job functions with or without accommodation, to ask questions, to observe job tasks, and to evaluate whether he/she likes the job.

Travel Training

Travel training teaches students how to use public/private transportation. Students work one-on-one with a job coach to practice using transportation services to locations they visit on a regular basis (work/school/home). Students will receive travel training services for a period of time determined by the IEP Team.  During travel training sessions, students will learn to schedule a ride, handle situations when transportation is late or does not show up, carry correct change for each ride, and how to interact with transit personnel.