Mrs. Helen Marlowe

The Huntley Community School District 158 community was saddened to learn of the passing of Mrs. Helen Marlowe. Mrs. Marlowe was the wife of the late Henry Marlowe, for whom Marlowe Middle School is named. Mr. Marlowe was a longtime teacher in Huntley 158, and over the years since the school was named for her husband, Mrs. Marlowe has been treasured by the students and staff at the school.
The school has held up Mrs. Marlowe as a symbol and ambassador and has appreciated her support, both financial and in attending numerous events at the school each year. It was always a great honor for students to talk to and have their picture taken with Mrs. Marlowe at events she attended.

All who were fortunate enough to spend time with Mrs. Marlowe will remember her grace, enthusiasm, and support. She played a significant role in the history of the Huntley area, and we can all take lessons from how she lived her 100 years.
We send our thoughts and prayers to the Marlowe family during this difficult time.