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In Huntley 158, we take pride in our state of the art approach to academic instruction and the many styles of learning available to all of our students. From Kindergarten on, students are equipped with relevant tools and core curriculum knowledge to propel them toward the next stage of their educational journey. As we focus on foundational skills such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, we aim to offer our students an understanding of HOW they learn best. Armed with that knowledge and the ability to choose from a range of learning modalities across our district, students can find success in diverse ways.

As leaders in education, we have a responsibility to support our population of unique, talented 21st century citizens. In our effort to foster lifelong learners at every grade level, Huntley 158 has developed four key pathways of learning that have come to life within Huntley High School, each of which seeks to inspire, challenge and empower All Students Always.

Traditional Pathway

Blended Learning

Vanguard Vision

Online Learning