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The health program is designed primarily to maintain health and prevent serious disability or illness. Each school has a qualified nurse on duty each school day in which children are in attendance.

Our overall goal is to ensure the health and well-being of all of our students. We strive to achieve this goal by:

  • Providing basic first aid and emergency care to students and staff during school hours
  • Assisting parents and students in monitoring and managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, seizures, severe allergies, and asthma
  • Managing and maintaining state mandated health records to ensure compliance with Illinois School Health Code
  • Working collaboratively with the Health Department on monitoring and reporting concerns about, or symptoms of communicable diseases.


2023 Immunization Data Report

As mandated by Section 27-8.1 of the Illinois School Code [105 ILCS 5/27-8.1], all Illinois children (PreK-Grade 12) must comply with immunization and health examination requirements established by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Illinois School Code requires all public and nonpublic schools to submit annually to ISBE, summarizing the compliance status of enrolled students as of October 15, or an earlier date established by the public school district or nonpublic school.

Each tab in this Immunization Data Report web posting features a disease category as required in the school year along with the corresponding number of students with proof of immunization, objections, approved schedule, and McKinney Vento (Homeless Assistance) Act.