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The Huntley 158 Transportation Department manages and operates a fleet of more than 100 buses, driving more than 1 million miles a year transporting students to and from school, field trips, and extracurricular activities.

Under Illinois Department of Transportation guidelines, all Huntley 158 students are eligible for bus service to and from school, free of charge. Our commitment is to provide this service as safely, efficiently and professionally as possible.

Families can view their bus route and bus stop information in PowerSchool. Visit the Transportation section of Huntley 158’s student handbooks for specific information regarding bus routing procedures, how bus stops are assigned, dual custody information, and more.

Contact Us

The Huntley 158 Transportation Department is located at 650 Dr. John Burkey Drive (formerly Academic Drive), Algonquin, IL 60102.

Contact the Department at (847) 659-3000 or via email at [email protected].

Versatrans My Stop® App

The Huntley 158 transportation department is excited to announce the introduction of Versatrans My Stop® as a NEW resource for families. This new software application for the school district allows parents to receive transportation information for each student in real time through a convenient app on your mobile device. This initial phase of Huntley 158’s My Stop rollout allows you to see information about your student’s bus route, any possible delays, and estimated times of arrival. Follow the steps below to begin using the app:

Step 1: Download the Versatrans My Stop® App

  • On your smartphone, search and select the “Versatrans My Stop” app in your App Store (Apple users) or Play Store (Android users).
  • Download the “Versatrans My Stop” app and tap on the application to open it.

Step 2: Logging In

  • Families can log into the app using your student’s ID number for both the Username and Password. Only ONE login is required for each family. By logging in with the information below, families should see all of their students’ information in the My Stop app. 

Step 3: Navigating the My Stop App 

  • After logging in, you will arrive at the Map section. Here you will see the following:
    • Your student’s bus route number
    • If your student’s bus is running early or late
    • The estimated time of arrival
  • If you have multiple students riding buses on this screen there is an arrow with a dropdown menu to switch between your students.
  • Remember! If the bus is not actively driving a route, you will not be able to see the information above.

This is the first phase of Huntley 158’s new partnership with My Stop. When you log in to the app, you may see portions of the application that the district is not yet using. Huntley 158 is not yet using the “Scan” or “Notifications” feature in the app. Any messages regarding delayed buses or safety concerns on the bus will be shared with families using the district’s mass notification system, SwiftReach. To manage your alert preferences or update contact information, click here.

Versatrans My Stop® App Android User Guidance

Recent software updates in the Android operating platform (version 12 or 13) are causing compatibility issues with the Versatrans My Stop® mobile app. This issue may result in the app uninstalling from the Android phone home screen and/or not appearing after attempting to reinstall it from the Google Play store. The app developers are working to resolve this issue.

A workaround is available for users of Android phones running the newer operating systems updates. They can access the information they need via the web.

Follow the instructions below to access the web version of My Stop:

  1. Visit https://mystopdistrict158.org/onscreen
  2. Log in with your existing My Stop username and password.

To save the page on your home screen:

  • Open the browser settings (usually tree dots in the corner of the app)
    • For Chrome: “Add to Home Screen”
    • For Samsung Internet: “+ Add page to”, then “Home Screen”

If you have any questions about the My Stop program or application, please reach out to [email protected] or call 847-659-3000. We look forward to providing our families with an additional resource to stay up to date regarding your student’s safety and transportation needs in Huntley.