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Huntley 158 uses SwiftReach SwiftK12 to communicate with families via phone, text, and email. This system is integrated with PowerSchool, and families can manage their contact information and preferences through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

The system is used for emergency situations, school closures, absence notifications, and general communications from the District and its schools.

Phone Numbers

To ensure that you receive and recognize calls from the District, please add to your contacts the phone numbers for the District and all schools your children attend:

  • District 158: 847-960-3085
  • Huntley High School: 847-960-3153
  • Marlowe Middle School: 847-960-3385
  • Heineman Middle School: 847-960-3411
  • Leggee Elementary School: 847-960-3425
  • Mackeben Elementary School: 847-960-3433
  • Chesak Elementary & Early Childhood Center: 847-960-3561
  • Conley Elementary School: 847-960-3909
  • Martin Elementary School: 847-960-3563

Managing Your Messaging Preferences

Similar to the previous Alert Solutions System, your messaging preferences are managed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please see the document below for full instructions on managing your contact information and messaging preferences.

Instructions on Managing Your Information and Preferences in SwiftK12

Additional Important Information

  • If you unable to log in to the Parent Portal, contact the Registration Office at (847) 659-6147.
  • Depending on where they originate within the District, you may receive messages from several different email addresses and phone numbers. Please add phone numbers and email addresses for both the District and each of your children’s schools to your contact directory.
  • Individual email providers maintain their own security and filtering protocols beyond the control of the District. To ensure timely delivery of email messages, please add the email addresses for the District and for each of your children’s schools to the “whitelist” or “safe sender” list according to your email provider’s instructions.
  • Emails you receive include an unsubscribe link at the bottom. If you complete the unsubscribe process using this link, you will no longer receive any messages from the District to that email address. For this reason, we encourage you to use the messaging preferences feature to manage your preferences rather than the unsubscribe link.