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Learn more about Huntley 158’s customized two-way Student Helpline below. This resource is designed to keep our school community safe.

See Something, Say Something:

District & Elementary Schools

Huntley High School

Heineman Middle School

Marlowe Middle School

(815) 889-0584

(815) 889-0575

(815) 889-0583

(815) 889-0576

Use this QR code to craft a text or save the district-wide Student Helpline number on your device.

Huntley 158’s safety and security team has partnered with SmartSocial to modernize and improve communication concerning student safety. Through this partnership, we have developed Huntley 158’s first-of-its-kind Student Helpline, formerly known as the district’s Tipline. Based on feedback from our families, this channel has been customized to meet the needs of our students and school community. In order to better serve 21st century students, our Helpline prioritizes two-way communication between staff and students to enhance our ability to assist students when reporting and responding to instances of bullying, mental health concerns and unsafe situations. 

Text one of the numbers above to get connected with a trusted Huntley 158 staff member or administrator about an instance of bullying or a safety concern in the school community. Staff members will respond to your concern or get you connected with the appropriate resources.

The district has crafted four unique phone numbers, which will be advertised using QR codes across our buildings. By contacting one of the numbers listed below, students will be able to reach a trusted staff member or administrator in real time via text message. This platform has been created to ensure students’ privacy and allow for a dialogue between students and staff. We hope this platform will continue to enhance the resources at our students’ fingertips to prioritize safety in school. When using Huntley 158’s Student Helpline, we want students and parents to know that help is just a text away.