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Huntley 158 recognizes the importance of providing a safe environment for those in and around our schools. The district has partnered with Perry Weather, a severe weather detection company that provides real time weather information and emergency notifications. This state of the art system will alert our students, staff and guests of lightning strikes and dangerous weather conditions.  

Weather information for each of Huntley 158’s three campuses, including temperature, wind speed and direction can be found below. It is important to note that this resource will not be used to make decisions about school closures or inclement weather days, but is intended to keep our students and guests safe during outdoor events on school grounds.

Harmony Road Campus

Reed Road Campus

Square Barn Road Campus

How It Works:

  • One 15-second blast will sound when lightning strikes within 10 miles of the campus location. 
  • Upon hearing the blast, everyone should immediately stop current activities, remove themselves from the fields, and seek appropriate shelter. 
  • After the initial 15-second blast, a yellow strobe light on top of the system will begin flashing. This light will remain flashing until safe conditions return. 
  • After the area is clear for 30 minutes from the last strike, the system will provide an “all clear” by giving three 5-second blasts. Regular activities may resume at this time. 
  • No one is allowed to return to the field until the “all clear” is given by the Perry Weather System.

Any organization or group that does not follow these procedures is subject to loss of field privileges. 

*If for some reason the signal does not sound, everyone should immediately seek shelter any time lightning and severe weather is believed to be a threat.

How will I be notified of an athletic event delay or cancellation?

Any delays or cancellations caused by lightning strikes or dangerous weather conditions will be communicated to relevant student participants and their families by coaches and Huntley 158 staff members. The Perry Weather Alert system is intended to provide immediate notice of dangerous conditions to those on or near our campuses.