Board of Education members

Huntley Community School District 158 is governed by a Board of Education consisting of seven members serving without compensation.  The term of office is four years. Powers and duties include the broad authority to adopt and enforce all necessary policies for the management and government of the public schools.

The Board generally meets as a Committee of the Whole, typically on the first Thursday of each month, followed by a regular meeting, typically on the third Thursday of the month. Members of the public are encouraged to attend all meetings to learn and comment about issues pertaining to the District.

Meetings are streamed live on the website, and meeting agendas and minutes are available through BoardBook.

Meet the Board

Andrew Bittman,
Board President

Committee Chair: Legislation/Policy
Other Committees: Finance, Human Resources

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Term Expires: Spring 2027

About Andy Bittman

Andy and his wife Diane have lived in Algonquin since 2017 with their three children: Victoria, a Class of 2019 Huntley 158 graduate; Teddy, a class of 2021 Huntley 158 graduate; and Lucas, who is a current student at Huntley High School.

Andy holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Marquette University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Since starting his career as an engineer for a 4-person startup company, he has experience designing over 50 complex digital signal processing products for unique applications. In various management roles, he has been closely involved in the design and management of highly complex technical products and systems.  In 2013, Andy spent seven months working internationally to build a new engineering site in Oradea, Romania.  Andy currently serves as the general manager and president of the North American operations for an Italian multinational corporation which designs, builds, and deploys custom automated production systems for customers in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and e-mobility markets.

Outside of work, Andy spends most of his time with his family and their two rescue dogs while taking every opportunity to learn while traveling the world.

Laura Murray,
Board Vice President

Committee Chair: Community Relations & Student Outreach
Other Committees: Legislation/Policy, Special Education

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Term Expires: Spring 2027

About Laura Murray

Laura was elected to the Huntley Community School District 158 board in April 2023. In this role, Laura is committed to listening to and really hearing the needs of our community and its stakeholders, including teachers, staff, parents and students. She believes in a common sense approach to education.

Laura & her husband Scott have been Huntley residents for 16 years. They live in the community with their two sons. Laura has worked in the customer service industry for over 25 years, which has fueled her love of working in a team-focused environment.

Paul Troy

Paul Troy,
Board Secretary

Committee Chair: Buildings and Grounds
Other Committees: Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education

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Term Expires: Spring 2025

About Paul Troy

Mr. Troy is a public charter school education executive, who has extensive operational leadership experience in public education, finance, and engineering technology. He has well-developed skills in overseeing operations, managing multimillion-dollar budgets, leading community outreach efforts, and managing staff along with strategic planning, and public policy.

He holds a Master of Education in School Business Management from Northern Illinois University, and is a graduate of University of Illinois Chicago and Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University.

Paul and his wife Jennifer live in Lake in the Hills, and are extremely proud of their daughters, Katrina and Elizabeth, both graduates of Huntley High School.

Sean Cratty,
Board Member

Committee Chair: Human Resources
Other Committees: Buildings & Grounds, Community Relations & Student Outreach

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Term Expires: Spring 2025

About Sean Cratty

Sean Cratty was appointed to the Board in July 2020.

Mr. Cratty is currently the Director of Retail Banking at First National Bank of Omaha and has served the community in a number of roles, including organizer of Huntley Fall Fest, Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer of St. Baldrick’s Huntley, member of the Huntley Park Foundation Board, member of the Huntley 158 Education Foundation Board, and member of the Huntley Area Public Library Board.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Monmouth College and is a graduate of the Leadership Greater McHenry County program.

Sean lives in Lake in the Hills with his wife Emmy, and their three children, Hailey, Michael, and Hannah.

Anthony Quagliano

Anthony Quagliano,
Board Member

Committee Chair: Finance
Other Committees: Buildings & Grounds, Legislation/Policy

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Term Expires: Spring 2025

About Anthony Quagliano

Mr. Quagliano and his wife, Carol, have lived in the District 158 community for 24 years, where they raised their three sons. Joe, Jason, and Kyle all are HHS graduates.

Tony received a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and is employed at Eric J. Fernandez & Co. CPA’s and Business Consultants in West Dundee and McHenry, where he has worked for more than 32 years. He has been a Certified Public Accountant for more than 38 years.

During his free time, Tony enjoys planning family vacations, cooking, golf, and hiking. His interests include laws and legislation concerning education finance and property taxes. He was a founding member of the D158 Citizen Financial Advisory Committee and has been a Lake in the Hills youth baseball manager for several years.

Michael Thompson,
Board Member

Committee Chair: Curriculum & Instruction
Other Committees: Community Relations & Student Outreach, Finance

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Term Expires: Spring 2027

About Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson was elected to the Board of Education in April 2023, has lived in Huntley, IL for more than 20 years, and is the father of seven children.

Michael is the director of research for a medical non-profit organization. He is committed to giving Huntley 158 families and residents a voice in the district and listening to the concerns of the community. In his free time, he enjoys cigars, fishing, and live music performances.

Dana Wiley,
Board Member

Committee Chair: Special Education
Other Committees: Curriculum & Instruction, Human Resources

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Term Expires: Spring 2025

About Dana Wiley

Dana Wiley was appointed to the Huntley Community School District 158 board on November 3, 2023. She is a Huntley 158 parent with a background in business leadership and project management in the insurance and IT industries. Ms. Wiley is currently working as a proposal manager for a software development firm. Over the past 15 years, she has been actively involved in D158 and the community, serving on the Chesak-Martin PTA for eight years and on various district committees (strategic planning committee, elementary parent advisory committee, and dual language committee), as well as volunteering through church and youth sports programs. Ms. Wiley holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from DePaul University. 

Member Development

All Illinois school board members must receive training in professional development leadership (P.A. 97-8) and the Open Meetings Act (P.A. 97-504). Mandatory training will also be required after the new teacher evaluation requirements are implemented in each school district. For additional information, see Board policy 2:120, Board Member Development.

The following table contains mandatory and non-mandatory training and development activities that were completed by each Board member. When the training was provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards, the acronym “IASB” follows the listed activity.

Member Development
Date Completed
Bittman, AndrewJoint Annual Conference 202311/17/2023
Bittman, AndrewThe Job of the Board President in Leading Others11/17/2023
Bittman, AndrewIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023
Bittman, AndrewNew Board Member Online Training Bundle 2023-202507/31/2023
Bittman, AndrewBasics of Governance05/29/2023
Bittman, AndrewOpen Meetings Act (OMA) Training05/29/2023
Bittman, AndrewPDLT/PERA05/29/2023
Cratty, SeanJoint Annual Conference 202311/17/2023
Cratty, SeanIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023
Cratty, SeanJoint Annual Conference 202211/18/2022
Cratty, SeanSchool Finance for School Board Members11/18/2022
Cratty, SeanJoing Annual Conference 202111/19/2021
Cratty, SeanMBM/LSA Conversion08/23/2021
Cratty, SeanPDLT/PERA 2.2*08/05/2020
Cratty, SeanOpen Meetings Act (OMA) 2.2*07/31/2020
Murray, LauraJoint Annual Conference 202311/17/2023
Murray, LauraIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023
Murray, LauraNew Board Member Online Training Bundle 2023-202507/31/2023
Murray, LauraOpen Meetings Act (OMA) Training07/31/2023
Quagliano, AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 202311/17/2023
Quagliano, AnthonyIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023
Quagliano, AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 202211/18/2022
Quagliano, AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 202111/19/2021
Quagliano, AnthonyKishwaukee Division Meeting10/08/2021
Quagliano, AnthonyMBM/LSA Conversion08/23/2021
Quagliano, AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201911/22/2019
Quagliano, AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 2018 11/16/2018
Quagliano, AnthonyJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Quagliano, AnthonyIASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Quagliano, AnthonyData Conversion08/12/2016
Quagliano, AnthonyPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Quagliano, AnthonyClosing the Gaps11/20/2015
Quagliano, AnthonySocial Media11/20/2015
Quagliano, AnthonyMedia Interest or Media Circus11/21/2014
Quagliano, AnthonyPDLT/PERA11/21/2014
Quagliano, AnthonyLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Quagliano, AnthonyOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Quagliano, AnthonyFinancial Oversight Essentials11/19/2010
Quagliano, AnthonyThe Board and its Superintendent11/21/2008
Quagliano, AnthonyMaking Meetings Matter11/16/2007
Thompson, MichaelIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023
Thompson, MichaelNew Board Member Online Training Bundle 2023-202508/03/2023
Thompson, MichaelOpen Meetings Act (OMA) Training08/03/2023
Troy, PaulDivision Officer 2023-202412/22/2023
Troy, PaulIASB Delegate Assembly and Annual Business Meeting 202311/18/2023
Troy, PaulInfluence Redefined... Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday11/17/2023
Troy, PaulJoint Annual Conference 202311/17/2023
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Hybrid Meeting10/26/2023
Troy, PaulIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Meeting03/23/2023
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Virtual Meeting03/11/2021
Troy, PaulDivision Officer 2020-202112/15/2020
Troy, PaulIASB Virtual Summit11/20/2020
Troy, PaulDelegate Assembly and Annual Business Meeting11/14/2020
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Virtual Meeting10/29/2020
Troy, PaulSpring Meeting Supplement 202006/15/2020
Troy, PaulAttention Pays11/22/2019
Troy, PaulJoint Annual Conference 201911/22/2019
Troy, PaulThe Happiness Advantage11/22/2019
Troy, PaulCourse: Test Course PDLT-PERA 2.203/08/2019
Troy, PaulPDLT/PERA 2.203/08/2019
Troy, PaulTest Course PDLT-PERA 2.203/08/2019
Troy, PaulDivision Officer 2018-201901/02/2019
Troy, PaulDelegate Assembly11/18/2018
Troy, PaulDeep Equity Lens: A Systemic Leadership Process11/16/2018
Troy, PaulImprove the Board, Improve Student Achievement: eXceptional Governance11/16/2018
Troy, PaulJoint Annual Conference 201811/16/2018
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting10/25/2018
Troy, PaulLeaderShop Academy Symposium06/09/2018
Troy, PaulCourse: Test Course Community Engagement06/01/2018
Troy, PaulDivision Officer 2017-201812/11/2017
Troy, PaulGet Your Message Out: Your Role in Crafting an Effective Public Image11/17/2017
Troy, PaulJoint Annual Conference 201711/17/2017
Troy, PaulFellow Pilot Participation07/14/2017
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting03/23/2017
Troy, PaulA Courageous Conversation About Race and Its Impact on Achieving Equity in Schools11/18/2016
Troy, PaulIASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference 201611/18/2016
Troy, PaulNettelhorst Elementary School Tour11/18/2016
Troy, PaulKishwaukee Division Dinner Meeting09/22/2016
Troy, PaulPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Troy, PaulPre-netFORUM History08/12/2016
Troy, Paul2015-2016 Summary 06/30/2016
Troy, PaulLeaderShop Academy Symposium 201606/18/2016
Troy, PaulPre-netFORUM History06/04/2016
Troy, PaulClosing the Gaps11/20/2015
Troy, PaulSocial Media11/20/2015
Troy, PaulMedia Interest or Media Circus11/21/2014
Troy, PaulThe Trust Edge11/21/2014
Troy, PaulLeadership by Design11/16/2013
Troy, PaulTough Talking11/16/2013
Troy, PaulPDLT/PERA05/10/2013
Troy, PaulProfessional Development Leadership Training for School Board Members05/10/2013
Troy, PaulSchool Board Accountability11/16/2012
Troy, PaulOMA - Kishwaukee02/09/2012
Troy, PaulVision Value Conflicts & Choices11/18/2011
Troy, PaulThe Board's First Responsibility11/19/2010
Troy, PaulCollective Bargaining11/20/2009
Troy, PaulSuperintendent Evaluation08/13/2009
Troy, PaulBasics of Finance08/08/2009
Troy, PaulBasics of Governance08/06/2009
Troy, PaulBasics of Law on Board Meetings08/06/2009
Wiley, DanaNew Board Member Online Training Bundle 2023-202512/05/2023
Wiley, DanaBasics of Governance12/04/2023
Wiley, DanaOpen Meetings Act (OMA) Training11/28/2023
Wiley, DanaJoint Annual Conference 202311/17/2023
Wiley, DanaIn-District Workshop: Starting Right08/23/2023