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Our schools are not only learning spaces for our students but also public places for the benefit of our families and communities. We strive to provide a safe school environment that is open and welcoming for visitors and visibly secure for our students and staff.

Visitor Guidelines and Procedures

During the school day, we aim to provide an environment free of disruption for our students and staff. Visits should be limited to those directly related to student wellbeing and parent/guardian involvement in their students’ education.

During the school day, visitors are subject to the following procedures:

  • All schools are accessible only via the secured main entrance (front door).
  • All middle and elementary school visitors must press the call button outside the front door, state their purpose for visiting, and wait to be buzzed in to the building.
  • All high school visitors must enter Door 1 and check in with the security aide on duty.
  • All visitors must provide valid ID and be scanned in to the Raptor Visitor Management System, which will run an instant background check.
  • Visitors with histories that appear on the Raptor check will be either denied access to the building, limited to conducting business in the front office, or provided with limited, escorted access to other parts of the building as is necessitated by circumstances and/or applicable law.
  • All areas of campus are gun-free, tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free zones.

After-Hours Visitors

Huntley 158 buildings are routinely in use after school hours for a variety of both school- and community-sponsored activities. All users of our facilities are subject to applicable procedures as dictated by the District in specific usage agreements.

  • After-hours visitors must remain in areas of the building specified for use.
  • Access to other parts of the building is not allowed.
  • After-hours visitors must follow the instructions given by school district personnel on hand to supervise events.
  • Visitors accede to the understanding that our schools are equipped with video surveillance systems in use at all times.
  • Visitors accede to the understanding that District properties may be actively monitored by District personnel and/or law enforcement agencies within their respective jurisdictions.