General Supplies

We do not have a specific supply list for each class at HHS. We recommend you begin the year with basic supplies (folder, paper, pen, pencil). During the first days of class, our teachers will let you know if there are any specific supplies for their classes. If teachers do not give specific supplies, you are free to stay organized as you wish. We are always here to help with organization if you need it!

Graphing Calculators

All students are required to have a graphing calculator. The recommended calculator is the TI-84 Graphing Calculator. Teachers will be using the TI-84 graphing calculator during classroom demonstrations throughout the course. Students will be able to use this calculator for all their high school math courses and also in college.

The calculator is available at most retailers. If purchasing a new calculator for your child, we ask that your child bring the reward points (located on the back of the calculator package) to their math teacher. HHS can use the rewards points that are collected to help receive free Texas Instrument Products for our classrooms.

P.E. Uniforms

PE uniforms and locks will be picked up or purchased from your PE teacher during the first full week of school starting August 21. If you did not pre-order a uniform or you would like a replacement uniform, you can purchase one from your PE teacher at this time as well. 

All incoming freshmen will also have to purchase a PE lock (school-issued) that they will keep for all four years at HHS. This will be given to them during the first week of school. In addition, 10-12 graders will need to purchase a lock from their PE teacher in the fall for $5 if they have misplaced theirs.