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Good morning Huntley High School!

Please pause for a moment of silence. (wait for approximately 10 seconds.)  Please stand and face the flag:  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

---------------------Pause for 5-7 seconds before continuing---------------

Today is Friday, November 18th, 2022

Today's special guest DJ for a Day is Mrs. Gustafson. Please enjoy some of her favorite music during all passing periods today.

Congratulations to this week’s Raider Way Winners:

Aaron Langhenry by Mrs. Mangan                        Paris Ulloa by Ms. Isaacson

Gianna Maiorino by Ms. Hacker and Swanson        Hannah Kahlon by Mrs. Starnes

Isa Kusiolek by Mrs. DeFrancesco                        Greg Jucaban by Ms. Stewart

Brianna Kigongo by Mrs. Fulton                        Irais Puntos by Mrs. Texidor-Kraus

Preston Lewis by Mrs. Keenan                        Esther Reyes by Mrs. Zhao

This week's teacher winner is Mrs. Mangan

Now, please enjoy this week’s edition of your Raider Nation News:  RNN

The Environmental Club will be selling stickers in the cafeteria this week during lunch hours.  Each sticker is $1 and designed by our club members.  Please stop by and pick up your wave, turtle, bee or plant sticker today.  All proceeds will go to our local conservations as well as ocean cleanup organization 4Ocean.

Reminders from the Dean’s Office


*Overdue detention reports are run on Tuesday evenings.  The “No-Fly” list (ability to leave campus during lunch/blended) is updated weekly on Wednesday.  

* If you are on the “No-Fly” list, you will remain on it for the ENTIRE week Wednesday through the following Tuesday regardless of if you serve the detention before that Tuesday.


        *All detention hours MUST BE SERVED in order to take your final exams as scheduled.

*Please check your HERO account and make sure you get your detention hours served              as soon as possible.

*For information on Detention locations and times you can serve, please scan the QR codes posted in each POD.

*For information on accessing your HERO account and Saturday School dates, please go to the Deans Web Page on the HHS website. Open up forms and links and locate the Hero Information.

Are you interested in auditioning for this year's musical? Start preparing now! All information is linked here. If you have additional questions or want a hard copy of the information, please see Ms. Taxon in E1019 or email [email protected]

Do you want your art featured on the cover of a nationally-recognized magazine? Submit a design to The Voice's Meaning of Life cover contest by December 2nd for your chance to win! See the flyers in the halls or reach out to Maria Loiseau for more details.

Are you struggling in your classes? Do you want help from a fellow student? Our NHS tutors are here to help! Just signup on this spreadsheet and a tutor will connect with you! If you have any questions, feel free to email Megha Jacob at [email protected] and Holly Urbanczyk at [email protected].

In the spirit of giving thanks and connecting with others, Leos Club is helping our community members by donating items to the Grafton Food Pantry from November 14-18. Leos club will be collecting donations before school and during your lunch periods and each time you donate you will be entered in our raffle. The first three winners who are drafted will receive a prize. Grafton Food Pantry is looking for some feminine products and a lot of Thanksgiving food.

SOPHOMORES!  Reminder that applications for the Dual Degree Program are DUE DECEMBER 6, 2022

Upcoming College & Career Events:

Who is coming to Huntley High School

College reps, Military Reps, and Trades Reps - all will start up again in January

Check back then for HHS upcoming events

Other Career Exploration Events

Career in Plumbing Open House Saturday, November 19th 9AM - 12PM

Check out the COLLEGE & CAREER webpage for all upcoming College & Career Events.

Remember Raiders, every day is a day to be your best.  Be the Raider Way:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Involved!