Huntley 158 is featured in an article in District Administration magazine focusing on innovative techniques school districts across the country are using to reduce energy consumption and save money on utilities.

The District is cited for efficiencies gained while going 1:1 — providing every student K-12 with a Chromebook. The shift away from computer labs, which continued to use energy even when sitting idly, to smaller devices that are plugged in only for intermittent charging, translated into serious savings.

“In the old days—the old days being 15 years ago—the traditional box computers sitting on the floor used to consume more energy than the monitor,” said Doug Renkosik, Huntley 158 director of operations and maintenance. “Now they consume less, and the monitor is the big energy consumer.”

In addition, with illuminated screens for every student, the devices enabled the District to reduce lighting costs in classrooms. Further investments in upgraded HVAC and lighting equipment, sensor systems, and exterior lighting practices have contributed to the District’s high degree of energy efficiency.

Seven of the District’s nine buildings recently were recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, and the District’s savings on energy costs totals approximately $700,000 annually.

The District currently is soliciting proposals for guaranteed energy savings contracts to further enhance efficiency, including the potential installation of solar energy arrays on one or more campuses.

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