League of Innovative Schools

Huntley 158 has once again been selected for membership in the League of Innovative Schools, a group of 102 schools in the U.S. leading innovation to provide equitable and excellent education for all students.

The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is a national network of forward-thinking education leaders who are working together to:

  • Improve outcomes for students and solving the challenges facing K-12 schools through powerful and smart use of learning technologies
  • Use their collective voice to advance positive change in public education
  • Partner with entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading education thinkers and serves as a test-bed for new approaches to teaching and learning

Huntley 158 previously was among fewer than 100 members of the League and was selected to the 2018-19 cohort after re-applying for membership under the leadership of new superintendent Dr. Scott Rowe.

Members of the League are selected through a peer-reviewed application process and sign the membership charter upon joining. Superintendents apply to represent their districts and are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Vision and key achievements
  • Potential for impacting student learning and educational leadership
  • Commitment to networking and knowledge sharing

Huntley 158 is among three districts in Illinois accepted for membership.

As a member of the League, the District will benefit from working on common challenges with other leading school districts throughout the country. The District also will share its experiences implementing nationally recognized innovations such as Blended Learning, specialized academies, Vanguard Vision competency-based education, and the Youth Residency Program at Huntley High School, and its work to date in adopting personalized learning practices at all grade levels.

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