Huntley 158 families,

I want to begin by thanking each of you for your continued patience and partnership as we press on through the challenges of this pandemic. We continue to hear feedback from all corners of our community. 

This feedback ranges from very positive, with many students and families loving their e-Learning experiences, to very negative, with many students and families dealing with myriad frustrations. 

We hear all of it, feel all of it, and take all of it to heart. 

The reality remains that a full return to traditional schooling at this point is not possible. I reiterate that we would love to have an option to return to traditional schooling for all students and families who desire it. Unfortunately, no amount of desire or demand will make this possible, and we know that a rush to return based on these desires would likely result in catastrophic outcomes.

Rather, we will continue our gradual approach to students returning. We’re excited to start welcoming many of our special education self-contained students back to buildings on a limited basis next week. Soon thereafter we will be bringing in select students for academic interventions, with additional near-term goals to expand in-person opportunities to all elementary students. 

We ask for continued patience as we plan these opportunities. Under the current circumstances, even a partial return to in-person learning requires an extraordinary amount of preparation and care. Please stay tuned for more details on future plans, and read below for more updates.

Monthly Self-Certification Form

If your student has been identified for an in-person opportunity in September, you are required to complete the monthly self-certification form prior to participation:

If your student has not yet been identified for any in-person opportunities, we still encourage all families to complete the form for your students. This form certifies that students will not visit any school buildings if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. A re-certification link will be sent to all families for completion on a monthly basis.

Examples of upcoming activities where the self-certification form is required:

  • Self contained special education attendance
  • Students attending interventions
  • Students taking the SAT on 9/23
  • Athletes participating in the IHSA approved contact days

Election Day and Election Judge Notice

Earlier this summer, the State of Illinois passed a new law designating November 3, 2020 as Election Day as a state holiday. In keeping with this law, Huntley 158 schools will not be in session and the District Office will be closed on November 3. 

In addition, the law opens the opportunity for students age 16 and older as of November 3 to serve as Student Election Judges (poll workers) on that day. Huntley High School students can look for more information about this opportunity to come from the school soon, or by visiting the website of the McHenry County Clerk or Kane County Clerk.

A Word (or 25,000 Words) of Inspiration

We know that many of our students are making the most of their time in remote learning, but few more than Marlowe Middle School 6th grader Ella Selvaggio. Ella, while finishing up her 5th grade year at Martin Elementary last spring, expanded an 8,000-word story she conceived for the Young Authors competition into a 25,000-word novel, which has been published and is now available for purchase. 

Legends of Morana: The Dark Threat Rises is an epic fantasy tale in which dragons work to protect a newborn dragonet with rare powers from nefarious forces. Check out this article to learn more about Ella, her writing process, and where you can pick up a copy of her book—which she says is the first in a planned series of three.

Community Notifications

Notification of AHERA Compliance

In accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), we are notifying you that District 158 is in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). All District 158 schools and the administrative offices are asbestos free to the best knowledge of all parties involved in the construction of these facilities. To see a copy of the management plan or if you have questions, please contact Doug Renkosik, Director of Operations and Maintenance at (847) 659-6158 or at [email protected].

Lawn Care & Pest Control Product Application Emails

As required by School Code, notification of scheduled applications of pesticide, herbicide, and/or fertilizer products must be made to interested community members, parents and staff prior to applications of such products. District 158 will offer email notifications to interested parties prior to all applications and in the event of a cancellation of a scheduled application. If you would like to receive notice of product applications, please email [email protected] and include Product Applications in the subject line.